The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed {Free Documentary Video Series}

Sacred Plant

I am personally very interested in this documentary and invite you to watch it with me for FREE online! I am convinced that most companies, and dare I even say – doctors?!, no longer care about the welfare of others and are only financially driven by the next sale! However, I have been doing some personal research and know that there are ways to get past your debilitating and even life-threatening illnesses¬†without medications, radiation or chemotherapy!¬†Soon, I will be sharing about my journey thru Postpartum Depression & Anxiety and the ways that I have been able to naturally progress thru this stage of life. However, I am not completely thru it yet so I am curious about what they claim “The Sacred Plant” to be. Thru my research, I do have an idea of what I think the Sacred Plant is, but I’ll want until tonight to see if I’m correct first. If not, I will share another wonderful plant I’ve found with you that works miracles (and no, for those of you wondering – its not marijuana!)

This documentary series not only shares the advise & expertise of 29 world-renowned doctors & health experts, it also shares the stories of 18 survivors (some of which are children) – and their stories, I’m told, will amaze you! The survivors will share their medical stories, throughout the episodes, ranging from Brain Metastasis to Terminal Lung Cancer, PTSD to Childhood Seizures (of over 100 per day!) and more.

Join me starting TONIGHT June 7th at 9pm EST as we watch the first episode. Each episode is available for 24 hours then they take it down to put up the next episode. You can register for FREE at The Sacred Plant. You must register prior to the first episode airing, but you can view the episode schedule below.

Episode 1: The Sacred Plant… Revealed (Airs June 7th @ 9pm)

Episode 2: Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Alzheimer’s and Opioids (Airs June 8th @ 9pm)

Episode 3: Epilepsy, Autoimmune Diseases & More (Airs June 9th @ 9pm)

Episode 4: Beating and Treating Cancer (Airs June 10th @ 9pm)

Episode 5: Where to Find & Access The Sacred Plant (Airs June 11th @ 9pm)

Episode 6: Reversing Aging, Increasing Memory & Dosing (Airs June 12th @ 9pm)

Episode 7: What’s Next & How It Impacts Us All (Airs June 13th @ 9pm)

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