101 in 1,001 Adventure & Why You Should Participate!


What is the 101 in 1,001 Challenge?  A challenge in which you must complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1,001 days. Tasks must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching.

Why 1,001 Days?  Many people have created lists in the past – “New Years Resolutions”, “Bucket Lists”, etc. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which are better for organizing and timing some tasks – such as overseas trips, study semesters or outdoor activities.

4 Reasons to Start a 101 in 1,001 Adventure Yourself:

  • Do Something for Yourself! If you are at all like me, you have no problem planning & doing things for your family & friends, work, etc.. but when it comes to you the thought is always “I’ll get to it” or “Now isn’t the right time” or you just plain feel guilty for spending time/money on yourself knowing it could be spent on others. While I’m sure everyone else appreciates this, its time to do something for you! Participating in this challenge will give you the chance to do the things you want to do.
  • It will Motivate You! Studies have shown that people who take the time to write down their goals accomplish more than those who don’t. I am also a VERY visual person! I admit that I might write things down on my daily to do list that I know will get done, just so I can see things crossed off.. so having a list in front of me with all my goals and seeing things crossed off on the list feels like an accomplishment in itself! The more things you cross off on your list, the more motivation you’ll have to finish!
  • It’s Fun! I don’t think this one needs an explanation 🙂
  • It will Change Your Life! When I accomplish everything on my list, I will have reached goals that led me to a closer relationship with God, closer relationship with my husband, family and friends, grew my business, allowed me to travel LOTS of places, and so much more! I honestly can’t wait to recap my adventure in 2018 to see just how much I grew personally between now and then!

4 Things to Remember when Putting Together Your List:

  • Embrace Your Inner Child! The whole reason for this fun, crazy adventure is just that.. fun! Make sure to include some things that brings out the inner child in you. Perhaps you want to build an extravagant sand sculpture, dye your purple or play in the rain? Add it to your list!
  • Remember the Small Things! Not everything on the list has to be over the top. Remember to include some reachable, quickly achievable smaller goals. For example, I LOVE coffee (and now realize I forgot to add this to my list.. doh!) so I should have added something like “Come Up with a Creative Coffee Drink”. I also should have included things like “Create a Masterpiece at Painting with a Twist”, “Take a Cooking Class” and “Write a Letter to My Future Self”.
  • You do NOT have to Cross Things Off in Order! When making your list, it doesn’t have to be in any particular order. Over the course of 2.75 years, circumstances will change so trying to put them in an order that you will cross them off is unrealistic and will only lead to disappoint in the future. Cross off items on your list as opportunities arise, you WILL get thru the whole thing!
  • Dream BIG! Here’s the fun part.. anything, literally anything you’ve wanted to do.. write it down! I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and I LOVE Disney, so what did I add to my list? Take my family to Disneyland.. in Paris! While these are more harder to obtain goals, mainly because of the finances & time needed to plan, they are NOT unachieveable! One my personal favorite quotes that reminds me daily is by Walt Disney himself…


I found this very fun and inspiring to put together – I honestly can’t wait to start crossing items off the list! Follow along our 101 in 1,001 adventure as I blog each of our accomplishments. I also encourage you to make your own list and join in on the fun! So, without further ado… here is our massive (and sometimes extravagant) list:


Start Date: Friday, July 10, 2015

End Date: Thursday, April 5, 2018



1. Read the Entire Bible in 90 Days (or less!)

2. Attend Disney’s “Night of Joy” Concerts

3. Go on a Spiritual Retreat

4. Go on a Missionary Trip



5. Journal to My Husband, Everyday for a Year

6. Date Night with the Hubby, Once a Month for a Year

7. Kids Date Night, Once a Month for a Year

8. Complete a Service Project as a Family

9. Start a New Family Tradition

10. Complete 25 RAOK (Rare Act of Kindness)

11. Research My Family History

12. Make Fun, Creative Lunches for Kids during School Year!

13. Start a Small Family Farm – Goats, Chickens, ??



14. Drive-In Movie

15. See a Broadway Show

16. Geocaching

17. Rock Climbing

18. Paddleboarding

19. Explore Our County and Discover (1) New, Hidden Spot We’ve Never Visited

20. Hunsaders Farm – Pick Our Own Veggies & Fruits

21. Make a Family Bucket List of Things We Want to Do for each Season

22. Go Scalloping

23. Zorbing

24. Slide the City

25. Participate in a Stingray Adventure for S

26. Adopt a Penguin for B

27. Discovery Cove

28. Take My Husband to a Concert – Kem or Marc Anthony

29. Take the Family to a Live Sporting Event

30. Find 5 New Swimming Holes

31. Find a New Camping Spot – Disney ?

32. Learn about Astrology & Name a Star after Our Family

33. Zipline over the Zoo

34. Go Tubing down the Rainbow River

35. Have a Kids Day! They decide what we Do, Eat, See, etc…

36. Skydiving



37. Get Out of Debt

38. Establish Emergency Savings

39. Purchase Our First Home

40. Purchase a Car (Brand New Off the Lot, Not Used!)

41. Use My Coupons to Build a Stockpile worth $5,000

42. Save Up Money for a Shopping Spree Splurge (Only after #37 and #38 are Complete!)



43. Cruise

44. Puerto Rico

45. Make a “Family Travel Bucket List” of at least 2 Cities in each State (and a few other travel wishes). Visit at least 3 of the states.

46. Take 1st Anniversary Trip back to Honeymoon Cabin

47. Attend the Puerto Rican Festival in New York City

48. Take a Spontaneous Trip (No Planning, Just Pick a City & Go!)

49. Take Our Families on an All Expenses Paid Vacation

50. Disneyland – Paris



51. Get Back to a Healthy 125 lbs.

52. Run 1,001 Miles in Training (Not including Events)

53. Run (25) 5k Events

54. Run (1) Half Marathon

55. Run (1) Marathon



56. Learn How to Make Sushi

57. Learn How to Make 50 Puerto Rican Recipes

58. Learn about Wine & Make My Own Bottle

59. Make a Meal with only items from Farmer’s Market

60. Submit a Recipe for a Contest

61. Host a Family Fish Fry

62. Buy a Cookbook and make EVERY Recipe in it



63. Start & Finish Wedding Scrapbook

64. Find a Personally Inspiring Quote & Turn it into a Piece of Art or Home Decor

65. Build a Garden Bench

66. Sew a Photo Quilt

67. Make a Family Cookbook

68. Make a Sock Monkey

69. Complete 25 of My Favorite Pinterest Finds



70. Build a Successful Blog & Increase Readership to 10,000 across all Social Media Platforms

71. Attend a Blog Conference

72. Write a Book

73. Submit 10 Articles for Publication to a Magazine

74. Start a Podcast

75. LLC or Trademark My Blog

76. Start My Own Social Media Company



77. Learn Spanish

78. Learn Italian

79. Participate in the Polar Plunge – I HATE being Cold, but this is for a Good Cause!

80. Learn to Say “I Love You” in 10 Languages

81. Write a List of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” and Complete the List

82. Write a List of “100 Movies to Watch in a Lifetime” and Complete the List

83. Grow a Garden

84. Get My Motorcycle’s License

85. Write a Gratitude Journal

86. Take an Adult Dance Class – Ballet and/or Hip Hop

87. Take a Photography Class

88. Go back to College

89. Get another Tattoo

90. Be a Movie Extra

91. Participate in a Flash Mob

92. Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New in Beauty – Ombre Hair or Pink Hair!

93. Find My “Everyday Makeup Look”

94. Try 5 New Makeup Looks

95. Try 10 New Hairstyles

96. Buy Myself (1) New, Complete Outfit every Month for a Year!

97. Learn How to Play the Piano

98. Continue to Build Relationships with Out of Town Friends

99. Learn about Essential Oils

100. Learn about Gluten Sensitivity

101. Learn about Hypothyroidism


BONUS GOAL: Save $10 per Goal Completed = $1,000 for Celebration at End!


This is going to be so much fun and will be quite the accomplishment when we cross off the entire list! While this journey is personal (I don’t think my hubby wants to try 5 new makeup looks), I will enlist the help of my family on nearly half or more of this list. I think the kids were most excited about “Kids Days” and I can’t wait to see what they come up with! This challenge is yours, so make a list on what fits you, your family and your life. Make all 101 things a personal list, combine family thoughts and make a “family list” – its all up to you!

What would be on your list?


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